Our story

Thread the Needle was born from the desire to make a change in people’s habits of consumption and creating an enterprise with a passion for sewing. This business is driven by a strong belief in giving a second life to outdoor gear and reducing consumer waste.

Our goal is to provide our customers with professional outdoor gear repairs. We believe that our services are a creative option for outdoor enthusiasts who wish to give a longer life and improved performance to their adventure clothing and equipment.

We believe that repairs are the key to a sustainable future. Together we can play a small part in renewing, repurposing, and recycling adventure clothing and equipment.

Thread the Needle is working with our partners and customers to support eco-friendly, ethically practical and simple solutions to participate in the cultural shift of a sustainable textile industry.

Meet the owner

Hi, I’m Noemie Roy.

When I’m not working or listening to a podcast, you can find me on the local mountain biking trails, practicing my knots at the crag or shredding the slopes of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. As an adventure seeker, I recently completed my first bike-tour: a 7,000 km journey across Canada. During this trip I discovered the magic of Golden, BC and made it my home, where I began one of my biggest adventures: creating an outdoor gear repair business.

I created Thread the Needle based on the things I am the most passionate about: Sustainable textiles and outdoor adventures. I help like-minded adventurers by extending the life of their gear so that they can enjoy their favourite activities

Thread the Needle is at the convergence of my passion for textiles, my belief in sustainability and an excitement to grow my business with my customers. I am thrilled by the idea that every item that comes into the business stays out of the landfill!

“I am thrilled by the idea that every item that comes into my business stays out of the landfill.”