Our services

Standard repairs

We offer a wide range of sewing repairs from minor stitching and hardware replacement to zipper repairs.

Our skilled technicians can work with:

  • Heavy duty fabrics,
  • Leather
  • Rainwear

We can repair most soft goods, such as outerwear, tents, sleeping bags, tarps, packs and some safety equipment.

We do not currently offer repairs on footwear, inflatable items, climbing equipment, paraglider/parachute, or any hard goods at this time. 

Is your repair an emergency ?
Look at our
emergency repair service

Standard Repair Pricing

Minimum shop charge $10
Basic shop rate $60/hour
Simple repairs Stitching, hardware replacement, etc. $10 – $20
Average repairs Most patching, simple zipper repairs, etc. $20 – $45
Detailed repairs Most zipper repairs, some patching, etc. $45 – $90
Specialty repairs Advanced zipper repairs, etc. $90 and up
Patching and Repairs Price
Stitching – Small amount $10
Stitching – Medium amount $15
Stitching – Large amount $25
Patching – Tiny hole $10 + $3 each additional
Patching – Basic small $15
Patching – Basic medium $20
Patching – Basic large $25
Patching – Knee patches pair $35
Patching – Down items $15 – $30
Grommet or snap $10 + $2 each additional
Velcro replacement $10 + $5 each additional
Velcro replacement (cuffs) $12 per cuff
Slider replacement $12
Fleece/Soft shell jacket $30
Parka and ski jacket $50
Ski pants – Side zipper $35 per side
Ski pants – Fly zipper $50
Pocket zippers $40
Down jacket $60
Tents Price
Tent zipper sliders (pair) $30 – $45
Tent zipper replacement $15/foot
Tent floor replacement $100 and up
Large tent panel patches $30 and up
Sleeping bags
Sleeping bag zipper $60 – $70
Sleeping bag zipper – Down $70 – $90
Main zipper replacement $50 – $70
Pocket zipper replacement $30 – $40
Panel replacement $50 and up
Mountain biking
Protection pads $15 – $30
Body armour $20 – $40
Gloves $10 – $20
Other charges
Cleaning charge for dirty gear $25
Extra material needed $10 and up
Zipper lube $2

All clothing and equipment must be clean.
Sand, dirt, grit and pine needles can damage our sewing machines. If your equipment can’t be washed in a machine, please hand wash it or hose it off. If your items are so damaged that washing will damage them further, please contact us prior to the work. A cleaning fee will be assessed for items that do not respect this policy.

Emergency repairs

Visiting Golden, BC ?

We help travelers and adventurers stay on track with their trip by providing 24-hour emergency repair services.

On a bike tour with a damaged bag ?
Your touring backpack broke during your ski trip ?

We believe that you deserve to enjoy your outdoor activities with safe and functional gear. If you are on the road dealing with damaged clothing or equipment, our technicians will work as quickly as they can to make your gear functional and durable.

For an additional cost, you can benefit from our emergency repair service, with repairs guaranteed in less than 24 hours.

Emergency Repair Pricing

Service: Price
Simple repairs Extra $10
Average repairs Extra $20
Detailed repairs Extra $30
Specialty repairs Extra $40

Zippers replacements may not be possible for emergency repairs, depending on inventory.
* Prices above are additional to the standard repair pricing


Your sleeves are too short ?
Your pants are too long ?
You wish you had a pit zip in your touring jacket ?
We offer various sewing alterations, such as hemming,
clothes fitting and the addition of zippers or pockets.

Please note that we do not offer size alterations.


Hem and alterations Price
Hem – Basic, flat (hiking pants, no zippers) $20
Hem – Ski pants (side zippers, gaiters, flaps) $40 – $95
Shorten hiking pants (above the knee) $60
Shorten zip-off pants (above the knee) $70
Shorten ski pants (above the knee) $75
Shorten sleeves – Fleece/Soft shell jacket $30
Shorten sleeves – Lined jacket $60
Shorten sleeves with welded cuffs $60 – $90
Lengthen sleeves – Fleece/Soft shell jacket $30
Lengthen sleeves – Lined jacket $60
Add pit zips – Fleece/Soft shell jacket $50
Add pit zips – Lined jacket $60
Add cargo pocket with Velcro flap $45
Add gaiters to pants $70
Fitting and altering $30 and up

Any other modification will be charged at our $60/hour basic shop rate.